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That’s a sad reality that many people around the world actually experience. To my knowledge, nobody has ever gone to jail for not paying their credit card debts. Because incurring debt is not considered a criminal act.The best thing to remember is that all those are just empty threats so stay calm and don’t worry. Of course, this is assuming that you just simply failed to pay your credit card debts for whatever reason.We’re planning to have our first ever out of the country trip this year.I already bought our tickets last January even though we don’t have our passports yet haha.I didn’t know that there’s an expiration date with government documents.I don’t get the logic why they need the latest copy. On the other hand, Ren’s NSO birth certificate problem is that the “Place of Birth” area is empty. They asked me to go to the Municipality where Ren was born and file for a supplemental report.And that will again, cost them money and can take a long time. The collection agency will do their best to convince you to pay because that’s how they will make money.I know there are a lot of horror stories when it comes to credit card debt collection.

(REPORT OF BIRTH DULY AUTHENTICATED BY PSA IF BORN ABROAD) • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity (Please refer to List of Acceptable IDs and List of Supporting Documents) The following applicants need to submit additional requirements: OUR STORY: Noel, got his passport in less than 30 minutes because there was no problem with his documents unlike with me and Ren. I guess Friday is the perfect day to schedule your DFA appearance.Registration: P310.00 Transmittal to NSO: P190.00 Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate: P50.00 Notary Public : P100.00 And worse, I need to return the next day to get it.Imagine the time, effort and cost I spent for this. After finishing the supplemental report (which I think took me 2 weeks), I brought the documents to NSO/PSA office in Quezon City.Here are the requirements for a supplemental report.I thought I won’t be needing other local documents because I already have a SECPA copy of Ren’s birth certificate, but they still asked me to get a latest copy. Why does everybody wants a latest copy when the information they’ll be getting is still the same???

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Furthermore, the bank cannot just freeze and take the money in your savings account to pay for those debts.

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