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” ads, which prompted a slew of sarcastic responses from body-positive feminists.Surprisingly – and somewhat depressingly – this isn’t the first time that companies have crossed the line with their campaigns.So you’ve signed up for a dating site like Plenty Of Fish, thought long and hard about your profile, and selected just the right pictures to demonstrate what a great catch you are.But there’s one area that’s still stressing you out: More specifically, coming up with one of your own. If you’re just hanging out on OKCupid or Christian Mingle, then you’re one of the lucky dudes who don’t need to stress over their headline.Naturally, the bigger model has a big red ‘X’ next to her – because who in their right mind would willingly have sex with a fat woman, right?A later edition of the ad was released with the same image of the second model accompanied by the question “Did your wife SCARE you last night?

In another example of ‘shaming fat women for daring to show even a hint of sexuality’, e-cigarette company Blucigs released this questionable advert which shows a half-naked man in bed next a woman sprawled out – presumably his drunken conquest. The implication is obvious – the subtext is that this guy had picked up the girl from a bar after a few whiskies and woken up to regret the news that his chosen lay was a few stone overweight.Posing in exercise gear, the star is accompanied by the tagline “Love.Without the handles” as she apparently substitutes actual weights with two bags of low-calorie snacks.Even more dangerous is the implication that new knickers can help achieve ‘perfection’.After all, there’s a knack to monetising insecurity, and the underwear industry in particular has it nailed.

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The implication is that her body is aspirational and 100% achieved by a sole diet of Popchips – the rest of chubbies should fix up and follow her lead.

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