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Plotwise, we’re in standard Some Kind Of Wonderful territory, so anyone familiar with that movie should know where we’re heading and whom we should be rooting for.

But by playing his male leads daringly against type, Luketic manages to introduce an element of doubt and suspense to a genre that ran dry a long time ago.

Tad Hamilton, Josh Duhamel, is a naughty boy movie star who's had a bit of a rough time in the tabloids.

To clean up his image his agent and his manager, curiously both named Richard Levy, Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes, embark on a charity competition to win a date with their star.

The one to emerge from it best is Josh Duhamel who plays the reformed rake quite charmingly, sincerely even.

Classification: PG Rating: ** ½ Sweet but clumsy, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is a youth film with an appealing cast and not much idea what to do with it.Their supervisor, Pete (Topher Grace of ), who secretly holds a torch for Rosalee, scoffs at their obsession.Apart from Pete's spiky hair and matching personality, Frasier's Bottom also seems to be in a time warp.On one side, we have the unwaveringly wholesome Rosalee (Bosworth, in a performance so sunny it’s little wonder there’s a sub-plot devoted to her captivating array of smiles), a charming naïf so cute that everyone who meets her falls in love with her.Which, fundamentally, boils down to her best friend, Pete (Grace), who’s loved her from afar for years; and Hamilton (Duhamel), a fast-living, hard-loving Hollywood star who sees Rosalee as his shot at redemption.

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