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Dating supro

In the Seventh Circle of Hell — reserved for those who were violent against their neighbors — we find Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Centaurs, and the famed Minotaur, who devoured young men and virgins in the Labyrinth of Knossos as tribute from the neighboring Greek states.But the brief allusion in Dante’s Renaissance-era writings could be overlooked, until you sink your teeth into the original story that preceded Dante by some two thousand years.C., and references of Minos’ contemporaries in the Iliad dating to 800 B. Whether the tale of Minos was based on a real king or not is for historians to debate.We are simply here to enjoy one of the most epic sexual exploits in the history of storytelling.

(Though it must be said that pointy-eared elves and Minotaurs were not from the same source of mythology, but then again, there is no Misdemeanor Myth Court to charge Redrobot for mixing myths.) Other depictions include Supro’s .One can only hope that Daedalus remembered to install some handles inside the device so Pasiphaë could brace herself during the deepest stages of penetration.And that elaborate sex episode, of a wife who dreamed up a practical concept of using an entire bull as a sex toy, is what caused a scandal so epic that the story made its way into Dante’s description of the Seventh Circle of Hell.With the near-infinite resources of royalty, and the determination of a woman possessed, she summoned the famed Daedalus, the very master designer who would create the Labyrinth.After lengthy preparations, Daedalus, (perhaps the world’s first custom sex toy designer) presented the Queen with her special order: a hollow, wooden sculpture of a cow, covered in actual cow hide, complete with a hole in the back to accommodate a bull’s penis.

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If we believe the legend, we find that King Minos’ wife was jealous of his penchant for fucking various women, nymphs, and goddesses.