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Again it is a logo that can be seen in any colour and you still recognise it as Nike." The Lacoste alligator Inspired by the nickname of the brand's creator, the French tennis player Rene Lacoste dubbed "the alligator" by the American press corps the famous reptilian logo was at the centre of a court battle this week after the fashion giant took legal action against two Cheltenham dentists who used an alligator design as the emblem of their practice.

The Gloucestershire practice won after the judge said consumers were unlikely to confuse it and the clothing company.

The urban myth says that the bitten apple is a reference to Alan Turing, the pioneer of the Enigma code and "father of the computer", who committed suicide in 1954 by taking a bite from a cyanide-laced apple.

Janoff insists that the apple simply represents knowledge.

The arches were a design to be used in a building and that has created the unique nature of the "M".

It does rely on colour, in that you might not recognise it as Mc Donald's if it was not yellow and red." The Ferrari horse The prancing horse was first used by Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Scuderia Ferrari motor racing team and later of the Ferrari car company, in 1923 after he was approached by the mother of Count Francesco Baracca, a fighter pilot in the First World War.

It was just another chapter in the eventful history of the striking logo, which came into being through a bet Lacoste made with the captain of his country's Davis Cup team before a match in the 1927 competition.

The wager concerned a suitcase made from alligator skin that Lacoste was said to have his eye on.

So Dick went to George Dexter, a sign-maker, and, rather than being part of the structure, the "Golden Arches" were designed as a new symbol for Mc Donald's.It's one of the only logos without words accompanying it.Over time it has gained equity and confidence to set itself free from the word Nike and that is a very brave step for a brand to take.The nickname stuck and Lacoste asked a friend to draw a crocodile which he could have embroidered on his blazer.Six years later, in 1933, the sports star, along with Andr Gillier, set up a company to manufacture tennis shirts with the crocodile logo.

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Baracca, who died in the conflict, was noted for having a horse painted on the side of his plane.