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hl=en) and he later posted a video showing off the moment the two were kissing, looking as happy as ever together. A lot of fans were there taking photos and I knew it would get out, so I just rolled with it.

Cameron was really plugging this new romance, even posting on his Instagram story that he's finally found his queen. [Cameron Dallas Girlfriend IG Story]( fit=crop&h=889&w=500 "Cameron Dallas Girlfriend IG Story") And he responded back to fans in the comments of his pics, letting them know he's so happy they're happy for him. [Cameron Dallas Instagram Fan Comment]( fit=crop&h=412&w=500 "Cameron Dallas Instagram Fan Comment") Now while this all appears to be the happiest time in Cameron's life, this sudden romance wasn't real, like we originally suspected. I thought it was cool — our first kiss was under the Duomo, it’s very romantic.

While many people are already keen observers of the cosmos, thousands more have now spent time searching, watching and pondering what it means to be one species on a tiny globe in the middle of a vast universe.

Thank you to the thousands of people who shared their stories of experiencing it with friends and loved ones, and also to those who sent photos and videos of Humanity Star passes.

Ultimately, it seems like everyone just wants to know who is Cameron dating?

The stunning beauty who appears to have won Cameron's heart is model [Giorgia Caldarulo](https://The Humanity Star was designed to appear slightly brighter than the stars alongside it and reflect the sun’s rays just long enough to draw people’s eyes skyward and leave them looking at the night sky long after the satellite has passed.My hope was to encourage people to linger looking at the stars and ponder our place in the universe.While the Humanity Star was a brief moment in human history, I hope the conversations and ideas it sparked around the world will continue to be explored.These are the conversations that will play a part in shaping how we collectively manage our planet and work together to solve the challenges facing us all."Peter Beck.

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