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Generally, emotional availability in men is different than in woman both because of society’s conditioning and because most men experience interpersonal bonding differently than most women.

about sharing his emotions; it is about his openness with another person and himself.

If you do this, take a moment and reflect on three things you learned from your relationship with this person and next time you’re trying to share and be available talk about YOU. People who are emotionally unavailable actually do the beginning of relationships really fast, sometimes even really well, because they are bypassing the discomfort and natural rhythm of intimacy as a way to avoid being open.It’s about where he is at in this moment emotionally and staying with that discomfort, instead of running or presenting it as fixed, resolved or all sorted out.It is not about oversharing or being dramatic for the sake of it, it is sharing what is relevant to develop that connection in an authentic way.That choice can be As a life coach and recovering “emotionally unavailable person” myself, I see this pattern so often and what lies under it is the fear of rejection, hurt, and not being good enough.When we move into a more authentic and available space, we This can be romantic or simply friendship, someone who doesn’t recognize the impact they’ve had on the demise of a friendship or relationship, isn’t really being open and available.

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