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It had to be checked out and turned back in like any other weapon, and personal concealed carry has been strictly forbidden on stateside military bases since the Nixon administration.So after thinking about it, I decided against getting the gun.The Python was precision made and hand fitted in Connecticut, essentially an elite mass-produced custom gun.It was intended as a precision target revolver, but law enforcement and the public at large fell in love with the Big Snake.Samuel Colt would pursue government contracts above all else, even if it meant passing up more lucrative civil sales.By the time of his death at the age of 47 in 1862, Colt was in a desperate state of affairs.Colt looked around and realized that its stalwarts in civil law enforcement, the 1911, the .38 Special Official Police, and .357 Magnum Trooper, were being replaced by Gaston Glock’s polymer wonder in police departments around the country.

They thought that a UK style disarmament was on the horizon and, having learned nothing from the antics of Neville Chamberlain on the eve of WWII, went into full appeasement mode.

The logic being that the different report of the .308 rifle made the Squad Designated Marksman a target. In 2003, the Python and Anaconda were retired entirely.

The master craftsmen who built the Python retired, or went to work on the Single Action Army Peacemaker. It was a modern design based on a scaled up King Cobra frame and required minimal hand fitting.

Zilkha, who had never owned a gun in his life, appointed Ron Stewart as CEO.

In 1998, Stewart announced that Colt was working on new “Smart Gun” technology and also opined that hand guns should have to be registered at the federal level.

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The Big Snake remained in production through it all, and was sought after and prized.

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