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Dating site portrait troll

Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Announces Release of American Prisoner in Venezuela; North and South Koreans Leaders Hold Surprise Meeting; Trump Praises Teach Who Stopped School Shooting; Weinstein Charged with Rape, Other Sex Crimes Why Trump Labels the Media "Fake News"; Amazon's Alexa Sends Couple's Private Conversation to Random Person.

Aired 12-1a ET • NFL Players Must Stand for U. National Anthem; Officials Not Sure How Long Volcano Will Erupt; U. Illnesses in Cuba Remain a Mystery; Thirty-Year-Old Evicted from Parents' House Explains; Korea Officials Say U. Risking Nuclear Showdown; Trump Suggesting FBI Planted a Spy in Campaign; Nerve Agent Victim at Undisclosed Location; Italy Names New Prime Minister. S.-North Korea June Summit; Yulia Skripal Speaks Out After Release; NFL Owners, Players Must Stand For U. National Anthem; Police Apologize For Treatment Of NBA Player; President Trump Shining A Spotlight On MS-13; Manhattan Grand Jury Hearing Testimony In Weinstein Case.

Aired 11-12n ET • Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor Commemorates Memorial Day; Dueling GOP Factions Battle Over Immigration Bill; Hawaii Lava Flows Destroy More Buildings As Residents Flee. Lawmakers Attend Briefings on Confidential Source; Harvey Weinstein Expected to Face Race Charges in NY; Investigators: Malaysia Airliner Downed by Russian Missile; Facebook and Others Sued for Allegedly Violating New Law.

Aired 12-1pm ET • Freed American Prisoner On Plane Home To U. Aired 1-2a ET • Trump Open to Summit; Weinstein in Court; Weinstein Bond at Million;.

Aired 6-7p ET • American Prisoner Released from Venezuela; North and South Korean Leaders Meet in Effort to Save Summit between U. and North Korea; North Korea Destroy Nuclear Test Site; Teacher Subdues School Shooter in Indiana; J. Watt Discusses Charity Work; Volcanic Lava Flows Continue in Parts of Hawaii. S.-North Korea Summit; Irish Referendum; Harvey Weinstein Charged; Airline Passenger Is Arrested; Russian Oligarch Questioned Over Trump Tower Meeting; Kilauea's Explosive Threat; Facebook Accused Of Violating E. Aired 8-9p ET • American Prisoner Released from Venezuela; North Korea Destroys Nuclear Test Site; Summit between U. and North Korea May Still Occur; Teacher Subdues School Shooter in Indiana; NBA Player Criticizes Milwaukee Police for Incident Caught on Camera; NFL Announces New Rule Requiring Personnel to Stand During National Anthem; Robert Kennedy Jr.

Claims Second Shooter Involved in His Father's Assassination.

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S.; North And South Korean Leaders Hold Surprise Second Meeting; Trump Blames Dems For Kids Taken From Parents At Border; Trump's Unproven "Spygate" Claim Is His Newest Conspiracy. S.-North Korea Summit; Harvey Weinstein Charged; Amazon under Fire over Echo Error. S.-North Korea Summit; Kim Jong-un Express Willingness to Renege with U. Aired -10a • Gas Prices Climbing; Harvey Weinstein Arrested; President Trump Flip-Flopping on North Korea Summit Decision? Aired 3-p ET • Report: Trump as President Is More A Deal Breaker Than Deal Maker; Trump Blames DHS Secretary for Border Issues; Weinstein Charged with Rape; Russian Oligarch Met Cohen During Transition.