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Choose which private data you are willing to share: When asked for your cell number, especially at a retailer, you may be able provide an email address, zip code or just your name as a way to identify you. Of course, all of this takes more time and effort and raises the larger question: How much privacy and security are we willing to trade away for a little more convenience? Back To Top Internet crime such as identity theft and online fraud racked up an estimated 0.5 million in losses in 2014 (the most recent year for which data is available) according to an Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) estimate, underscoring the fact that both legitimate businesses and scam artists alike have equal access to the Internet. In this phishing scam, a bogus e-mail claiming to come from the IRS tells the consumer that he or she is eligible to receive a tax refund for a specified amount.If you want to check out someone in your life whom you suspect of creating a false past, click on the link and discover how an Internet site can help you perform a Wisconsin background check.No matter what Americans do to protect their digital privacy, especially on our handheld devices, it’s impossible to keep up with new threats.In the state of Wisconsin, you can access criminal or arrest records to check the background of someone you want to perform a Wisconsin background check with.

More on cybersecurity: Once Martin told me all this, I started to pay attention to how often I’m asked for my cell number, either in person or online. It makes shopping faster because it’s “easier to get [access] to your records” if you’ve made a purchase there before.But unlike our Social Security numbers, “this number is not regulated, and no companies are mandated to keep it private,” Martin explained.Our mobile phone numbers are a “tasty target” for attackers these days, says JD Sherry, chief revenue officer at cyber security company Remediant.Professionals who make their livings collecting information have relied on these services for quite a while.Now, private citizens are realizing the benefit of using an online site to get information about a new person in their lives or simply a new neighbor that you might suspect of having a criminal past.

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Keep in mind that if you make the request for a state-based search by mail, you may be in for a long wait because of a backlog of requests in almost every state.

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