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The vinyl version includes liner notes and 2 bonus tracks recorded live in St. All direct purchases through the Caldo Verde website will receive a FREE, limited 4 song Sun Kil Moon EP entitled I’ll Be There.

He’s built one of modern music’s richest catalogs dating back to 1992 — when his first album with Red House Painters was released...

As Conor Oberst put it so perfectly at our show in Nashville, "you'd have to have no brain and no soul, for these things to not affect you".

The buildup to the election and the shootings made their way into my new album, obviously.

The only time that I was able to completely tune the news out (and the election saga) was during a 5-day trip to China in late October/early November, where they don't have CNN and my band members didn't have easy access to social media.

This year found me on tour to some extent or another every month of the year. It was fun to play outdoor music festivals in Italy and in beautiful venues in the UK, but sad to wake up to terrible news happening back in the USA - mostly in regards to mass shootings.

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La Posada de Santa Fe is a luxury resort located on six acres in downtown Santa Fe, featuring adobe-style architecture, a spa and a heated outdoor pool.