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If you have catalogs, ads or pictures of guitars that can help fill in some of the blanks, please let me know (Michael Wright, PO Box 60207, Philadelphia, PA 19102).

Tempo Merson was a distribution organization founded by a man named Bernie Mersky.

The Merson Tempo was an auditorium-sized archtop with a glued-in neck, a harrow center-peaked head which looks almost Kay.

The guitar was finished in a shaded mahogany with a pair of widely separated white lines around the edges.

Unfortunately, not many reference materials are available to document in complete detail, but we can hit some of the highlights, and illuminate a number of relationships along the way.At some point, Merson was taken over by Ernie Briefel.Little more is known of the origins of Merson, but it was already marketing Merson-brand archtop electric guitars and amplifiers in the late ’40s, when the company was located in New York City.Tempo guitars and amps offered in 1971 included three nylon-stringed guitars, three steel-stringed guitars, and two solidstate amplifiers.These were pretty low-end beginner guitars probably imported from Japan, though the heads have a Harmony look to them.

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) with “Tempo” written in little circles on the bridge!

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