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Ukrainian people tend to go out late, stay out late, and have a hell of a time during the whole process.Too many tourists go on holiday (not just in Ukraine) and they dress like Don’t be that guy.I usually pair these with a nice pair of dress shoes or a boot-dress shoe hybrid.For the final piece of the puzzle—put a nice watch on.I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many redheads as I have in Ukraine.

Add in bar/club music with low levels of English ad you have a recipe for disaster.In modern dating, there seems to be three “usual” acceptable ways of meeting people.Needless to say, the kind of social environments that locals might use to meet their partners isn’t really available for those of us who travel to Ukraine.More than likely, you won’t have the ability to meet a Ukrainian woman through a work function or family event.As a result, you’re left with three options: meet them at night (bars/clubs), meet them during the day (coffee shop/street), or meet them via Ukrainian online dating websites.

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English speaking tourists are a dime a dozen in many parts of Ukraine.