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Leading musicians playing New Yorican Salsa: Celia Cruz Willie Colon Eddie Palmeiri The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Jimmy Bosch Salsa Dance The high concentration of Puerto Ricans and Nu Yoricans in New York, means that the New York salsa dance style is strongly Puerto Rican influenced, with an emphasis on fast flash footwork.But, there‚is also a strong Latin Hustle influence in New York salsa dancing.The backing vocalists keep the standard response running while the lead vocalist improvises. The other feature of cuban timba is that it often blends other rhythms into the breaks.Reggae, rap and hip hop have a huge following in Cuba, and the timba musicians love to play with those rhythms, and intertwine them into their salsa.

It‚s a blend of Puerto Rican salsa and Latin Hustle with the break on the second beat of the clave.

Cuban dancers have a lot of fun at these times – they pull back from a close embrace and launch into rhythmic middle body shudders and amazing buttock trembles ‚ all movements derived from afro-cuban rumba.

Leading musicians playing Cuban Timba: Los Van Van Pupy Y Los Que Son Son Maraca Charanga Habanera NG La Banda See more about Timba in “History of Salsa and Timba” Salsa Dance Cubans call their salsa dance style ‘casino’.

New Yorkers are quite fanatical about Salsa On 2 – there‚s stacks of internet sites which debate the finer points of ‚Salsa On 1″ and ‚Salsa On 2″. Salsa Music LA doesn’t have a distinctive salsa music style. Cuban salsa music isn’t popular, as it doesn’t work with the LA dance style.

Salsa Dance LA style salsa moves are designed to dazzle the spectator – exciting, sexy and flamboyant with lots of dips, spins and drops.

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