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Why was it the right time to end the journey of Love?Rust: Let's just make sure we're putting Love in quotes, so it's clear I'm not OK with ending the journey of love.But you understand that there's an attraction between them, a pull that they feel toward each other.

We wanted to be sensitive to the idea of telling this story in the amount of time that felt appropriate, and this felt appropriate.

For much of the finale, Gus and Mickey's friends wonder aloud if the two are seriously about to tie the knot, or if they're playing an elaborate joke on everyone.

It's decidedly the former, though a series of unfortunate events (including a near death) wind up derailing the ceremony.

In broad terms, that was the goal: making sure we had an ending that felt like it was a little layered. Jacobs: It makes me feel two things at once, which is what this show has done really well all along.

What was your reaction to the impromptu wedding, Gillian? (Laughs.) But on the other hand, it made sense for these two characters. You can get caught up in the romanticism of it, but I'm also very concerned for them at the same time.

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For us, the goal was always to try coming up with an ending that was complicated, and that it might have the optics — to use a word everyone loves — where it looks romantic, but maybe underneath it, it's a little bit dark...