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Dating in dubai

While I try to stay hopeful, I gotta say, it hasn't been the greatest experience.

There's been a few straight up disasters (finding out they're "professionals" half way through a date) and a lot of girls that are way too concerned with your career and your income right off the bat.

If I wanted to meet spiritual people, I'd go on a Yoga retreat to India.

Hummus-sexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity for anything other than Hummus.

Remember that due to society, the gender ratio is extremely skewed - the average person in Dubai is male, Indian, and about 30. What this means in practical terms: If you were a vaguely attractive 25-year-old girl from a Western country - or Russia, South America, say - prepare for lots and lots of attention.

Stay positive and focus on what you would like in a person and you'll meet them before you know it :)You are not alone.On your other note: "the kind of girls I'm hoping to find become very superficial when they move to Dubai.I think that's a little cynical and a massive generalization."It is pretty cynical, but it's pretty much correct, and I've seen it plenty of times.I've also heard it's cause of my race (my background is irani/Pakistani).Most of the people around my age (26) I've met here, are the opposite of racist, so I find it hard to believe that I'm not meeting the right person because of my background.

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