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Dating game theme music wav

The loudspeaker doubles up as a microphone; each unit has a 9-section telescopic antenna, and they are powered by 9-volt PP3 transistor radio type battery. The compact and surprisingly smart-looking cases are clearly well made, having managed to survive this long intact.They weren’t a pretty sight when I found them, though.Anyone familiar with old school electronics should be able to understand how it works, and like most pre-digital gadgets, stand a very fair chance of fixing it, should anything go wrong, with nothing more complicated than a multimeter, screwdriver and a soldering iron.Cheap toy walkie talkies have been a hardy perennial since the early sixties and since 1981 we have even been allowed to use them, following the introduction of a poorly thought out Citizen’s Band radio system in the UK.However, the high prices, and this is important, depend almost entirely on them being in near mint condition and complete with their original box and packaging.The only people these CR-313s are going to excite are a few elderly vintage tech-nuts, like me, and maybe a handful of Baby-Boomers who remember owing them the first time around.Although this appears to be a very basic function, routing call and two-way audio traffic through a two-core cable is a surprisingly complicated business involving a fair amount of what we now call logic, yet it achieves this using just a couple of simple switches and some ingenious wiring.These days it would all be handled by a microcontroller, at the very least.

One of the aerials had lost its ball tip; I just happened to have a spare in my box of bits, and there had been a minor battery leak at some point.The design goes right back to the first principles of telephony, established in the late 1870s and -- lest we forget -- ably demonstrates that there was once a time when you could do quite clever things without bucket-loads of microchips.The two stations are roughly three-quarter size replicas of domestic telephones, complete with rotary dials that are used to ‘call’ the other station.That’s not to say the robots are about to take over because we’re no longer useful.Of course that is going to happen, but not just yet, for the simple reason we (or they) still haven’t invented a decent battery.

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Also, for as long we remember to fit accessible on/off switches to any technology that can potentially wipe us out us we’re probably safe for a while. To this pair of Companion CR-313 walkie-talkies, of course.

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