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The stadium is notable for being the site of the 1942 Rose Bowl Game.

Duke had won the invitation to the game as the eastern representative.

Phase three is to be completed prior to the 2017 season.

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However, the attack on Pearl Harbor, just weeks after the end of the 1941 season, led to fears of a Japanese attack on the West Coast. De Witt, commander of the Western Defense Command, advised the Tournament of Roses Association not to hold the game at the Rose Bowl Stadium itself, since he was not willing to take a chance on the Japanese choosing to stage a bombing raid on a stadium with over 90,000 people in attendance.

Soon afterward, the government banned all large public gatherings on the West Coast, which ruled out Bell Field on the campus of Oregon State, the host team from the PCC, as an alternative venue.

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It is still the only time the game has been played outside of Pasadena, California.

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