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Dating breadwinner wives

Second is Convergence Theory that argues the behavior of a crowd is not an emergent property of the crowd but is a result of like-minded individuals coming together.If it becomes violent is not because the crowd encouraged violence yet rather people wanted it to be violent and came together in a crowd.anthropologist Helen Fisher outlined four basic personality types.An Explorer is driven by dopamine, and is therefore drawn to adventure, excitement, and novelty.While love is complicated and no two situations are exactly the same, here are some popular (and, sometimes, surprising) theories on what’s at the root of male infidelity.And for more great relationship red flags, here are the 6 Signs You’re Dating a Mama’s Boy.

People may lose control of their usual inhibitions, as their mentality becomes that of the group. If the group behavior is violent, the larger the group the more magnified the violence.A mob mentality phenomenon has occurred throughout human history, whether witch burning, religious zealotry, political protests or reaction to perceived racial micro aggressions.Three psychological theories address crowd behavior. First is Contagion Theory, proposes that crowds exert a hypnotic influence on their members that results in irrational and emotionally charged behavior often referred to as crowd frenzy.It’s also well-known that men are women cheat for different reasons.While men are more likely to be motivated by physical urges, women are more often driven to cheat for emotional reasons, such as feeling neglected by their spouse.

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Because those three brain systems are separate, it’s possible to feel attachment love for one person, romantic love for another person, and lust for yet another all at the same time.