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In 1458 the chapel was replaced by St Leonard's Chantry.And a third renovated church was consecrated in 1733.

There was also a further railway station within the town: Bilston West on the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line.

It had been derelict for more than a decade after Wolverhampton Council discontinued its use as housing offices.

It is hoped that the town hall will be brought back into public use following the completion of its refurbishment. Council housing was first developed in the town around 1920 and by 1964 there were more than 6,000 council houses there.

The industry remained prolific during the interwar years, but much of the housing was now sub-standard, and during the 1920s and 1930s many of the older houses were cleared and replaced by new council houses that featured so many modern conveniences that were previously unknown to their occupants.

Many of these houses were built on new housing estates previously occupied by coalfields or farmland, though some were built on the sites of older houses.

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It is later mentioned in the Domesday Book as a village called Billestune, being a largely rural area until the 19th century.

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