Dating ben pearson bows Naughty chatroom pic

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If it's marked Damon Howatt (with the DH logo), it's not a 1998 (they began marking them with the Martin name by that time).

All I'm looking for is a piece of Ovangal overlay scrap the length of the sight window and am willing to pay for it.

one did not have a cream colored wood in the handle this is metal. I have a high reserve on it cause I myself believes it has collectors value.

So let's get to it: Miki - I can't tell you anything from just a serial number.As you know, Sovereig was one of Pearsons lines of bows along with Locksly and Ben Pearson.The Sovereigns were generally the higher end of the Pearson family.I called Martin Archery, trying to make contact with the Howatt plant direct.Howattman If you are still passing through this forum on occasion, maybe you could help me date my Damon Howatt?

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