Dating baseball photos by uniform style

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Dating baseball photos by uniform style

The pendulum of design was ready to wing back to something more adventurous.The most novel feature (not a first - the Cubs were the originals in 1940) was the sleeveless vest jersey.The Reds began the 1900 season with the oldest tradition in professional baseball, dating back to 1869.Their uniforms were basically a continuation of the 1890s, white at home, and dark, musty blue on the road.The uniforms for most Major League teams during the "roaring twenties" were, likewise, generally plain and conservative.

The cap bill, the undersweaters, the sox, and even the C-REDS logo incorporated navy.A red "C" was also added to the front of the cap around 1900.The home uniform in the first decade of the 1900s was always white and displayed either "CINCINNATI" or variations of a capital "C" on the left breast - a precursor of the standard emblem of future decades.The overall appearance was brighter, in keeping with the multi-color trimmings of many of the other club uniforms.This inclusion of navy blue was to remain an integral part of the color scheme for the next twenty years.

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The sleeveless jersey was displaced by a conventional short sleeved model, and navy blue once again was eliminated as a second color.