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Dating an italian girl

She wants a man who keeps his promises and sticks with one woman.

So if you are keen to be in a relationship with an Italian girl forget the stereotype about the chubby Italian mama who practically lived in the kitchen; in fact you better get ready to pick up a broom or learn how to cook a meal – even if it is once in a while.

And even if you cannot keep such details in mind, at least get an overview of the historical and cultural specialties of each region.

The more you know about her home, the easier it will be for you to open a discussion with her and the sooner you will be able to impress her.

So if you intend to make a mark on Italian women, make sure you are well turned out.

While it is great if you can afford and carry off a stylish jacket or an expensive pullover, but by no means should you forget the basics of grooming like clean teeth, well-cut nails, fresh breath, nicely brushed hair and polished shoes.

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Many women today have jobs which is why they look for partners who will happily share domestic responsibilities with their wives.

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