Dating after mastectomy reconstruction

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Dating after mastectomy reconstruction

I’m not encouraging you to avoid it and I’m certainly not asking you to lie, but there are some details you can share, and there are some that you might consider keeping between yourself, your family and your doctors.

If a guy wants to know about my BRCA mutation, I give him a quick overview of how I came to be tested for the mutation.

My wallet sobs, but my wardrobe has never been happier.

Moving on…let’s start with a don’t: DON’T get into the nitty gritty details of your BRCA mutation, of your surgery, of your breast reconstruction—whatever it is you’re discussing.

Were you interviewed by a news station and you’ve achieved a degree of local celebrity?

Did you get a kick-ass new tattoo in honor of your surgery? Welp, it’s late and I’m tired, so I think I’ll sign off now.

) and let them know that there is a sort of science involved with selecting, based on factors such as a woman’s natural breast size and chest width.

They then usually want to know if I “upgraded,” so to speak, at which point I say that I wear about the same bra size I did before my mastectomy.

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Support was the name of the game, and if an outfit couldn’t be worn with a bra, it wouldn’t be worn at all.

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