Dating a sda

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Dating a sda

But there was still the matter of sharing this with my family and facing their reaction.At first I was extremely nervous so while we were still dating, I casually slipped on a dress, nonchalantly joined him for worship service one Saturday and worked it into conversation on Sunday after I attended church with my mother.

I rationalized with myself comparing everything that was worse.

By Lana Moline As sunset approached each Friday, everything suddenly got quiet in my home. Well let me backtrack, I didn’t just grow up Baptist, I was born and raised in the church that my father helped to build and my mother was and still is the little hat wearing Sunday School teaching mother of the church.

Yet at 29, I married a man who was reared in the Seventh Day Adventist faith.

but my question do people who believe in the same person" God" but have a different name .. as in lets say we are truly meant to be for each other, would you really settle for someone else that isn't just because she is adventist and let go the other one that is Catholic-christian but still has the same Faith strength like you?? TO me I think it's honestly bogus..well ridiculous if you would force yourself to do that.

God maybe like yo, maybe she's not a strict straight up adventist but she has her faith in me and what not , you guys are perfect for each other I brought her into your life now and you're going to try to refuse that??? If at the end of the day you both pray read the same passages. It matters to some bc the traditions and rituals of one religion is different from another. We don't use rosaries, we dont pray to Mother Mary etc.

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