Dating a paralyzed girl

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Lose the halo photo right away, keep the cute ones of you out and about. jim a guy I used to work with drove a pickup truck and has a very nice wife he is also in a wheel chair.

And rewrite your profile - tell women something about yourself, not your disability. stop feeling sorry for yourself and get movingonce again im fully paralyzed and cant move anything..i need 24/7 care just about hence the nursing home factor in my profile, and mecaid/medicare only pays for 11hrs of care and i have no family to take and help me..friends all ditched me after the accidenthope that insights some of youand for everyone looking at my anger, its meant to scare off any chick that will stand me up to even meet because thats the only thing ive got out of this site so far and the first person post mentioned i probably had it better written before is you know why ive changed it OP: I'm sorry to hear about your accident.

I think you would have a better chance of making friendships if your profile did not sound so bitter.

I would suggest you re-writing your profile with verbiage that isn't so hostile/angry.

We can be afraid; afraid of rejection, explaining our disability, of being seen as a burden. Just watch these three videos below about people’s positive dating with a disability experiences.

The first video is all about finding out the world is better than you thought.

Being a single mother and a wheelchair-user, she felt like she had two strikes against her when she started out.

In her video though, she talks about how how wrong she was.

Good lord man - the problem is not that you are a quadriplegic, but your anger.Watch the couple share their story And the third video is a gem.If you’re looking for a personal experience video that discusses dating with a disability experiences in-depth, you’ll love this one from Erika Bogan, Ms. In her 15 minute video, she intimately shares what dating was like when she was first injured, and what it’s like for her now.In the video, she talks about how she was scared when she began dating, and felt incredibly intimidated, worried if boys would still like her. The take away from this video is: Don’t let the bad nuggets make you not want to try at all.Watch it here The second video is of a couple – an able-bodied women and a chef with C5-6 quadriplegia – talking about their dating experience.

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And I love how she says she vehemently believes she isn’t missing anything in life from having a partner who uses a wheelchair.