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Mateo (not his real name) sat on the floor in my office playroom.

Each week in therapy, he routinely played with a small plastic doll and every time, without fail, he placed objects in the doll’s mouth.

In some ways, each child is different, responds to abuse differently and progresses at her or his own pace, but the stages of counseling with this population generally are predictable.

Stages of therapy with abused children Stage one: Trust.

Sexual abuse does not have to be between a child and a ‘grownup’.

At Harley Therapy all of our therapists have a minimum of five years of experience working with clients just like you.

Of course nowadays we understand the brain is not composed of clearly marked ‘closets’, and that trauma affects the brain in far more complicated ways.

And finally, sexual abuse is linked to the manifestation of certain personality disorders, in particular borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Sexual abuse can can be any situation where a child is exploited for the sexual pleasure of another.

Called ‘non contact’ or ‘covert’ sexual abuse, this can be things like an adult who constantly exposed their body to you, forced you to expose your body, showed you pornography, or an adult who constantly talked about sexual things to you.

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