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She began taking her dancing career seriously when she was nine.

She finished as a top performer on Dance Moms three times in two seasons. She co-starred in Dance Moms with fellow child dancer Chloe Lukasiak.

“You’ll be a little stay-at-home mom, probably run a dance studio,” she dished. “Our families goal is to have a dance environment that is not only elite training but is a very positive, nurturing environment.”“Everyone always asks me how I do all my tricks.

When it was Paige’s turn, she said she could see Brooke going in a wide variety of directions, such as designing clothes or starring in a Cirque du Soleil show — a dream she frequently referenced on “Dance Moms.” “I could see you having a family and doing something smart. I hope to teach everyone all of my secrets,” Brooke added, revealing that her mom Kelly Hyland, who is a former dancer, would also be involved.

He's performed duets with Payton Ackerman and Brooke Hyland.

Watch the Hylands discuss their favorite memories together, where they see each other in 10 years, and who would win in a physical fight.The Hylands have abandoned reality TV for now, but they make time to meet fans all over the world, attend Fashion Week, and share their Pretty Little Liars theories.Here's what else Brooke and Paige have been up to since we saw them on Dance Moms. She answers fan questions, shares make-up tips, and dishes on her recent experiences attending New York Fashion Week and the Teen Choice Awards.The season kept going with its usual drama, yelling, topical dance routines, rampant favoritism, and more yelling.A parade of potential replacement dancers came and went, but no one's acrobatic dance tricks came close to matching Brooke and Paige's.

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The finale ended with Chloe Lukasiak departing the show to dance at Studio 19.