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personals that we used to see in weekly newspapers.” These in-person encounters are the only way to “get a sense of if the person is as tall as they say, if they’re going to laugh at your jokes and how their breath smells.” “If you want to meet somebody, you have to go where other people are,” he added.Missed connections are probably still around because of the digital element, but the serendipity involved gives them an extra sense of romance.Approximately 27 percent were from men seeking men, 13 percent from women seeking men and just 1 percent were women seeking women.“The major group was people who were having a very pleasant time with someone and should’ve just asked for contact information at that point,” she said.

Maybe he would see it — and then they’d fall in love, move to California and open a bookstore together called Missed Connection.

“Specifically with guys, we always try to find the perfect opportunity where we have the best chance of getting a positive response from someone we want to talk to.” Sometimes, there’s a professional barrier.

As executive director of Friends of Woodley Park, Ryan Wegman often speaks at community events where he meets new people.

But his high-profile standing can make it awkward for him to pursue any interests that aren’t purely professional.

“In the corner of your mind you’re always thinking: If I wasn’t here in this capacity right now and was attending as random guest A, I would love to talk to that person,” he said.

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“You’d rather be with the first person than the second, and there’s no way of knowing whether someone will get you without spending time face to face.” Missed connections, similarly, are based on a more personal level of attraction than just swiping right on a Tinder profile.

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