Copeland spode dating date marks

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The first D number to appear with a new pattern was D317 (Copeland 1976a).

Spode has used hundreds of different styles of stamps and marks during its long history, there have been over seventy-five thousand different patterns recorded.Impressed date marks were introduced around 1870 and were in use until 1963, if you learn how to read them it makes it easier to date your Spode pieces, however sometimes they are not clear and difficult to read.Impressed date marks consist of a letter which is the month and two numbers below it which indicate the year.Leonard Whiter (1970) produced a reliable dating sequence for the majority of the main pattern numbers (those used until 1852) by the painstaking collection of scattered clues in the company records including dated watermarks in the pattern books.His interest centred around the Spode period, prior to 1833, and his sequence stops at that date.

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