Computer turned off while updating bios Egyption sexy webcam

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after the new disc clesnup 3 days layter the problem come up again! Hi there, I had the exact same problem with my laptop before, and I realized that its getting too hot when I play video games or use heavy need to get a metal base that you can put your laptop on, it lets you adjust the angle so that the base of the laptop isn't near any surface, this way your laptop fan can ventilate well and it won't get too hot.

-If a computer getsd over the pre-configured temperature, the computer restarts or shuts down. You can check if this is happening to you by downloading "core Temp": 32Bit Windows Temp/Core Temp3264Bit Windows Temp/Core Temp64If the temperature is 90 degrees during your gameplay or infact if it is around 75 degrees whilst just using your computer... Replace your Heat Sink and add more fans to your computer.. If you have no idea how to or look up on google how to.

---It'd be nice if you noted that once you remove the heatsink from the CPU, the thermal compound will need to be replaced with new/fresh.

No ifs ands or buts, and it needs to be replaced correctly.

hey, my computer automatically turns off whenever I play any game for about few minutes!!!! If i'm using the internet or any lighter softwares it stays on even for a day. Can you guys please tell me the possible problems???? -When playing games, your computer cpu is used much more.. The problem mights be that the heatsink has collected alot of dust already and it does not allow the air from the fan to pass freely unto the CPU.

they said that the cpu was being used up to 99% then it would shut down, I dont have this problem when im not hooked to the internet, but ive also found that I dont have the issue when im logged out of facebook. I have had the same problem before with computers turning off by themselves.

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gl Ive got 2 gigz ram, 2 gigz cpu, and 150gig hd, and my computer did that for a long time, all I had to do was open the case, and take first a can of compressed air to losen the dust up some, and then took a vacuum with a plastic hose on the end, set them both or tile/concrete, so you dont get the static from the carpet, and then vacuum all the dust out that the compressed air blows lose, its best to remove the fan from the CPU, just remember when the power cord plugs into the motherboard.