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So when the meeting was over and my boss and I left his office, he said “You guys have a good day, quack quack.” Now I don’t know if he was doing that to mock me and my take on the whole situation, or if that was perhaps a subtle way of him saying, “Yes, I know about the club, and not only am I aware of it, I also am a member” (but perhaps that’s me reading too much into it once again).My manager and I were kind of dumbfounded when we left his supervisor’s office by the way he responded.I am fine to let this pass and never speak of it again, and can live with it knowing that nothing will be done about it and I won’t be in trouble for not doing anything now that I have done my part in reporting it.I know that may sound weird, but I’d rather stay here and work because it actually is a relief knowing that, even though the decision of the higher-ups was to not address it, that I won’t at least be held responsible if anything else ever comes with it.He asked me if I had any proof aside from catching the two employees in the act and the sheet on my employees desk that I came across that there was a duck club and I said no, but I thought it was easy to connect the dots.He played this off as basically “people will do what they want to” and “kids will be kids.” He acted like I was trying to stir up trouble by making leaps to things that didn’t exist and that I should write it off as a one time event and not “blow it out of proportion.” Also, he kinda chuckled when I called it a “duck club” and laughed when I said I had heard people quacking at each other.

(Is it even reasonable to write that so matter-of-factly?In addition to his Let's Plays, he also does an occasional brief review series called "You Should Play/Avoid This", starting with .Additionally, he cohosts a weekly gaming podcast called Top Down Perspective(work page here.) and regularly streams games on Twitch, often doing "Fortune Cookie Streams" where he randomly picks games via his Backloggery account for people to vote for him to play.I said originally that at my job we had a great work culture and that basically the team I led worked well together and got along.It seems some of the commenters took exception to this because of what turned out to be going on behind the scenes. So I take exception to some of the comments that suggested this was untrue or that I was being naïve.

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She just happened to let her curiosity get the best of her one day and turned the knob and what came out? Anyway, we scheduled a meeting with my boss’s boss for the next day (he’s one of the top guys in the company) and that was also awkward.