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In the fridge, when the bins become dirty I can just throw out the paper towels and quickly wipe them down.I also like to set them under my spices and things that will create spills because it makes for easier clean up.I had to wring it out once and wipe again to completely dry.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.You can save a lot if you keep the paper towels underneath the kitchen sink in a cabinet and put rags in a more convenient location so the family is inclined to grab them first.We will be sharing more later in this post about how to spend less on paper towels by using rags more.Check out our head to head paper towels test to see which one was the cheapest and learn to save money and clean better with fewer paper towels!I often get asked how to get cheap paper towels, so I tested these 10 paper towels to see which ones saved the most money.

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I also included the cost to use various cleaning rags, towels and cloths for the same spills.

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