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Gray Box Testing, White Box Testing, Configuration and compatibility testing, Usability Testing, Introducing Automation. 07 Supplementing Your Testing Automation Testing and test tools The benefits of automation and tools, Test tools: - Viewers and Monitors, Drivers, Stubs, Stress and load tools, Interference injectors and noise generators, analysis tools. 05 Foreign Language Testing Making the words and Pictures Make Sense , Translation Issues :- Text Expansion , ASCII , DBCS and Unicode , Hot Keys and shortcuts , Extended Characters , Computation on characters , Reading Left to Right and Right to Left , Text on Graphics, Keep the Text out of the code . Configuration and Compatibility Issues: - Foreign platform configurations, Data Compatibility. 06 Usability Testing User Interface Testing: What makes a Good UI? 5.2 State chart diagram: Terms and Concepts, Modeling techniques. , Follows standards or Guidelines, Intuitive, Consistent, Flexible, Comfortable, Correct, Useful. 5.3 Activity diagram: Terms and Concepts, Modeling techniques. Types of Business •Service •Manufacturing •Trade 1.2. Industrial sectors •Introduction to •Engineering Industry •Process Industry •Textile Industry •Chemical Industry •Agro Industry 1.3 Globalization •Introduction •Advantages & disadvantages w.r.t India 1.4 Intellectual Property Rights I( I P R ) •Concept •Types of IPR Management Process 2.1 What is Management? 2.4 Component based programming -Working with Private assembly, shared assembly. Final Year Projects Training is also given to Diploma Students.

Decide which Hardware features, modes and options are possible. Activity : i) Collect information from Computer repairing center (at which level repairing is done, cost).

Writing and Tracking Test Cases The goal of test case Planning, Test case planning overview, test design, test cases, test procedures, test case organization & tracking.

Reporting What you Find Getting your bugs fixed, isolating & reproducing bugs , Not all bugs are created equal , a bug’s life cycle , bug tracking system :- The standard : The test incident Report , Manual Bug Reporting and Tracking , Automated bug reporting and tracking.

Code Coverage: - Program Statements and Line Coverage, Branch Coverage, Condition Coverage. Any other suitable topic Group Discussion : The students should discuss in group of six to eight students and write a brief report on the same as a part of term work.

04 Applying Your Testing Skills Configuration Testing An Overview of Configuration Testing: - Isolating Configuration Bugs, Sizing up the job. The topic group discussions may be selected by the faculty members.

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, cost of bugs, What Exactly does a software tester do? Software Development Process Product Components:- What Effort Goes into a software product? , Software Project Staff , Software Development Lifecycle Models :- Big-Bang Model , Code and fix Model, Waterfall model, Spiral Model The Realities of Software Testing Software Testing terms and definition:-Precision and accuracy, verification and validation, Quality Assurance and quality control Testing Fundamentals Examining the Specification Getting Started :- Black-Box and white-box Testing, Static and Dynamic Testing , Static Black Box Testing :- Testing the specification Performing a High Level Review of the Specification:- Pretend to be a customer, Research Existing Standards and guidelines , Review and test similar software Low Level Specification Test Techniques:- Specification Attributes Checklist , Specification Terminology Checklist.