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Special thought to my father & Jules, thank you for everything. AT HOME 😬🇮🇩 Great to drive this beast ! How amazing to experience what the drivers used to feel 90 years ago. Something is not quite right in my opinion as I haven't done anything different in the lap I lost it.

A race with lots or positive but I pushed for the wrong strategy.

Entre nostalgie de fin de saison et impatience de voir la Coupe du Monde débuter...

🏁🏎🏆🌍 Featuring : @Msylla X, @Ludovic_Giuly, @Charles_Leclerc ...

It was our dream to be one day racing in Monaco and I'm pretty sure Jules and him are watching from above. RGf "I think my father and Jules would be proud, looking down on me now" Learn all about the triumph and tragedy of Charles Leclerc's journey to #F1 And why those first points in Baku meant SO much ⬇️ A good pace on the Soft.

❤️ CZ6Sb The most special week-end for me this year and probably of my entire career. Very proud to be bringing back the Monaco's colour on an F1 grid after 24 years. Then positive first laps on the Mediums before the spin.


Bad timing, @Brendon Hartley was just in front, sorry mate but nothing I could have done more there.

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