Carbon dating siberian traps

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Carbon dating siberian traps

As the skies cleared vast quantities of gas, given off by the burning lava, would have slowly wrapped the Earth in a blanket of carbon dioxide, an extremely powerful greenhouse gas.

Gradually over thousands of years there would have been massive global warming.

VINCENT COURTILLOT: The carbon dioxide will lead to a greenhouse effect and the cold will re, be replaced by unusual hot time, so you get the double hit.

You're cold for a while and then hot for a longer time, so that altogether after a million year the Earth would be different, the climate would be different and a mass extinction would have happened.

It's sitting with the top of the skull just here coming down to the snout.

There's a tortoise-like beak that, that sits under here. ROGER SMITH: Filled the niche of the cow in a modern day pasture except these would live in herds and roam around the Permian flood plains.

We have never found anything that represents life in this zone. There is no evidence of plant life, there are no evidence of soils and specially there's no evidence of animals. NARRATOR: Scientists call this utter destruction of life the Permian mass extinction.

NARRATOR: This was a time millions of years before the dinosaurs when strange and half forgotten creatures walked the earth.250 million years ago hundreds of thousands of square miles of Siberia caught fire.One of the first scientists who looked at it in detail was Vincent Courtillot. VINCENT COURTILLOT (University of Paris): I probably would have seen a curtain of red glowing fire rising a mile high up in the atmosphere extending from end to end of the horizon over a distance of hundreds of kilometres. VINCENT COURTILLOT: You get a huge eruption and another and another and maybe a lull and another bunch of 10 and then another all together, over a few hundred thousand years.NARRATOR: For 30 million years these strange creatures ruled the Earth.This was a thriving, stable world as complete in its own way as ours is today.

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