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Camcontacts free petite sex video

The ultimate target is to remove the chathost's clothes when she guesses wrong.If the viewer loses, then the whole game will restart. It can be addictive.18 Sep: There is still a lot of debate going on over at Cam Contacts about the not-so-new "one2one" feature.The feature is advertised as, and they intend to keep it as, just a chance to be in private with one girl without other viewers distracting her from you.Hosts are broken down into a variety of different categories, and I think they invented a few of them like "a little shy" which are now used by other sites.View by language and works in the same way; this time giving you choices from English through the obvious Latvian and Romanian to Japanese(! ) to Hebrew (find a nice Jewish girl for you me boy? This is not entirely accurate though, I saw one person who apparently claimed to speak every language which is a large exaggeration I'm sure unless you say "ahhh ahhh, oooo ooo" counts as valid in any language!Text chat is free in every section, just browse around until you find someone who appeals then click the text chat button.Uniquely amoung major sites they cover chargebacks, so if the customer refuses to pay, the host still gets their payment.Sounds nice for the host but this is a risky business model for camcontacts to be giving out money for shows for which they have not been paid!

Cam chathosts are performers providing a service for the most part.Though there is quite a bit of debate in their forums about this feature because the hosts there are trying to offer specific things only if viewers go into one2one, which has a higher per minute cost.Not all the hosts do this, in fact not even many, and the camcontacts management have said they will crack down on it.I think that covers just about everything don't you!Of course some of the more obscure categories don't have a lot of hosts online at any one time, but you'll generally find at least one.

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You will also find Camcontacts running under a bunch of other names: That last one is interesting isn't it?