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This principle shall apply to stock of subsidiaries that are owned by such lower-tier subsidiary.

The basis adjustments required under this paragraph (b) result in basis adjustments to higher-tier member stock.

For purposes of paragraph (c)(4)(i) of this section, a subsidiary's (or any successor's) deductions and losses are treated as taken into account when and to the extent they are absorbed by the subsidiary (or any successor) or any other member.

To the extent that the subsidiary's (or any successor's) deduction or loss is absorbed in the year it arises or is carried forward and absorbed in a subsequent year (e.g., under section 172, 465, or 1212), the deduction is treated as taken into account in the year in which it is absorbed.

Then, to the extent that the reallocable basis amount does not increase the basis of shares of preferred stock of the subsidiary pursuant to the third sentence of this paragraph (b)(2)(i), such amount shall increase the basis of all common shares of the subsidiary's stock held by members of the group immediately before the deconsolidation in a manner that, to the greatest extent possible, causes the ratio of the basis to the value of each such share to be the same.

This paragraph (c)(2) applies if neither paragraph (c)(1) nor (f) of this section applies to a member's disposition of a share of stock of a subsidiary (the departing member), a loss is recognized on the disposition of such share, and the departing member owns stock of one or more other subsidiaries (a remaining member) that is a member of such group immediately after the disposition.

In that case, such loss shall be suspended to the extent the duplicated loss with respect to the departing member stock disposed of is attributable to the remaining member or members.

If loss is deferred under any other provision, paragraphs (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(6) of this section apply when the loss would otherwise be taken into account under such other provision.

However, if an overriding event described in paragraph (c)(7)(ii) of this section occurs before the deferred loss is taken into account, paragraphs (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(6) of this section apply to the loss immediately before the event occurs, even though the loss may not be taken into account until a later time.

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The adjustments are applied in the order of the tiers, from the lowest to highest.

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