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Instead, he was trying to get around a then-common excuse for not paying taxes (that is, not having any money to do so) by discounting the proofs used to support the excuse (actual profligacy and feigned poverty).

The basic rule lives on: if you're going to say that you don't have the money to pay your taxes, you'll have to open your books to the government—saying "I spent it all on junk" and "Look, I'm living on the cheap, clearly I'm poor" won't cut it.

Characters often attempt to Take a Third Option in response, with varying degrees of success. If the fork is deliberately placed into a test, this is Unwinnable Training Simulation. Not interchangeable with Catch-22 Dilemma, where the problem is circular — to achieve one thing you must first do or acquire something else, but to do or acquire outcome.

Contrast Sweet and Sour Grapes, wherein a good outcome occurs regardless of the choice made. It isn't enough just to be given a choice between two bad options.

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Compare Xanatos Gambit, where this is weaponized in a specific type of plan and often used by The Chessmaster.

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