Bronagh waugh and kieron richardson dating

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Bronagh waugh and kieron richardson dating

To the audience they became known as the Gloved Hand Killer.

The person to have been murdering these patients was revealed in October 2015 to be Lindsey Butterfield (Sophie Austin). Misbah Maalik (consultant in emergency medicine), Dr.

In June 2016, Sonia was forced to hand her share of the Tug Boat to Simone's real daughter Lisa Loveday (Rachel Adedeji) after Lisa convinced Simone that Sonia got her share of the restaurant out of false pretenses.

Also looking worse for wear was East Enders actress Rita Simons.

There was dancing on the streets outside China White's nightclub as Hollyoaks's Saira Choudry showed off her moves in a blue minidress.

New best friends: Nicola embraces Hollyoaks's Kieron Richardson Unfortunately for Nicola, the show's Nicola De Souza, even her comfy Uggs couldn't help her keep her balance, and she was soon on all fours.

Within hours of arriving fresh from the salon, she was leaning out of her cab, blonde hair flying everywhere, as she headed home for bed.

Outside the centre includes Hollyoaks High School and a number of flats in which many characters live or have lived.

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In November 2009, another local school named Abbey Hill was forced to merge with it.