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The Government has no magic wands, but in the past few months the Directors of Bureaux concerned have demonstrated their readiness to think out of the box in a bid to address the community's pressing needs.We strive to meet public expectations by pursuing new directions and new initiatives.I have called upon all policy bureaux to uphold the principle of meritocracy and cast their net wide in scouting for talents.Anyone with ability and the commitment to serve the community will stand a chance to join various statutory and advisory bodies and tender advice to the Government. To further encourage public participation, the Government will introduce a pilot self-recommendation scheme to recruit young members as a priority target.In full display of a progressive spirit, they recognise the need to change and share a readiness to seek changes.We must cherish this new beginning and stay engaged in charting our future. As a Chief Executive with 37 years of experience in public administration, I have set good governance as the primary requirement for my political team.The Government and myself will, with our utmost endeavours, implement the "One Country, Two Systems" principle, uphold the Basic Law and safeguard the rule of law.

We must turn this round and make our best effort to improve the executive-legislature relationship.We will continue to devote resources to poverty alleviation as well as support for the disadvantaged in order to build a caring and inclusive society.On education, we will uphold the "professional-led" principle and deploy the necessary resources to nurture our next generation. Strengthening governance is a key focus of the current-term Government.Executive Authorities New Roles for the Government 8.As Hong Kong becomes an increasingly complex society and the expectations and demands of the community towards the Government have continuously grown, there have been new challenges to governance.

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I pledge to continue to take concrete actions to resolve problems for our people, following the principles of being "Innovative, Interactive and Collaborative". I would like to extend my gratitude to Members of this Council and all sectors of the community for offering me a wealth of suggestions during my preparation of this Policy Address in the past three months.

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