Book on online dating

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Book on online dating

People in their 20s and 30s don’t get the same rejection rates as those in the over-60 range.” “On a positive note, online dating will allow a person to meet others whom they would not have met otherwise,” Hill explained.

“We are creatures of habit and usually travel in the same circles, going to the same stores, restaurants and other places so we see the same pool of people.

A former high school teacher who taught German, English, history, government and economics, Hill reinvented herself as a flight attendant after a teacher layoff, getting her wings on her 48th birthday.

She originally came to Delaware County after taking a job as flight attendant on German-speaking American Airline flights out of Philadelphia to Munich.

J., Hill lived around the world, before settling in Phoenix, Ariz., after marrying.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in German, with double minors in history and Russian from the University of Northern Colorado.

Back in the 1980s, she authored three romance novels, published through Kensington Press.

A self-proclaimed military brat, born in Fort Dix, N.

“I don’t want to rain on any woman’s hope parade,” she said.

At the insistence of one of her sons, flight attendant Judith Hill tried online dating.

The result didn’t end up with her meeting her soulmate, but she did end up with enough material to write a book.

Anyone who has already tried it or is trying it now, will find it very relatable.” Hill warns readers not to believe the ads for the dating sites. “View their statistics on how many daters meet their soulmates on their site with skepticism.

Yes, about 25 percent may have met someone they dated more than once, but way more people, 75 percent, haven’t.

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Only about one-third of all texts and emails end up in a face-to-face meeting, and all those flirtatious texts and emails really take a toll on one’s time.

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