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Body type descriptions dating sites

Irregular satellites are named for the Nereids, the daughters of Nereus and Doris, and the attendants of Neptune. IAU Resolutions 5 and 6, "Definition of a Planet in the Solar System" AND "Pluto" IAU Press Release from the 2006 General Assembly "Result of the IAU Resolution Votes" IAU "Naming Astronomical Objects" IAU Press Release "Plutoid chosen as name for Solar System objects like Pluto" Pluto was discovered at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ during a systematic search for a trans-Neptune planet predicted by Percival Lowell and William H. Named after the Roman god of the underworld who was able to render himself invisible.

Neptune was "predicted" by John Couch Adams and Urbain Le Verrier who, independently, were able to account for the irregularities in the motion of Uranus by correctly predicting the orbital elements of a trans- Uranian body.

The names of the moons of Mars and the English translations of the names were specifically proposed by their discoverer, Asaph Hall, and as such, they have been accepted and retained under the current IAU nomenclature.

Most of its satellites were named for Titans who, according to Greek mythology, were brothers and sisters of Saturn.

Cassini wished to name Tethys and the other three satellites that he discovered (Dione, Rhea, and Iapetus) for Louis XIV.

Named by Huygens, who first called it "Luna Saturni." In Greek Mythology, a Giant, and one of two generations of immortal giants (Titans) of incredible strength and stamina who were overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians. They assigned the correct orbital period, and the satellite was finally confirmed in 1980. In contrast with his far-sighted brother Prometheus, he "subsequently realized" that he was in the wrong.

First reported (though with an incorrect orbital period) and named by A. 1966, this satellite was finally confirmed in 1980. Several astronomers, including Flamsteed and Le Monnier, had observed Uranus earlier but had recorded it as a fixed star.

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Roman name for the Greek Cronos, father of Zeus/Jupiter.

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