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Bob jones dating rules

Who but a blind follower of the blind would argue that the Rules were "meaningless" and "insignificant" and "never talked about or preached" to those students who were expelled because of the Rules?

Clearly, BJU took their interracial dating ban Rules very seriously. Despite pleas from attorney John Whitehead and warnings that pursuing this issue through the courts could have unintended consequences for Christian organizations in the future, Bob Jones III insisted on making the Rules the subject of a real, live 'federal case' in 1973 when it filed "Bob Jones University v. And, it was in prosecuting his 'federal case' in the Federal Courts and in the public arena - in full view of his students, graduates, and staff - that Bob Jones III preached and taught his brand of unyielding fundamentalist religious beliefs, convictions, and so called "Bible policy" supporting his interracial dating/marriage ban Rules. Jones' Larry King Live interview, one cannot help Mr. They were practiced, calculated falsehoods designed to conceal, mislead, and deceive Larry King and his audience about the true history and nature of BJU's interracial dating/marriage Rules.

It holds the doctrine that interracial marriage is contrary to principles set forth in God's Word.

Students who do not wish to subscribe to the University's rules prohibiting interracial dating and marriage do not have to attend this institution."Bob Jones III and the university seemed to think and act under some notion of corporate immunity which exempted them from the Bible's clear teaching.

In March, 2000, Bob Jones III tried to paint the Rules as "insignificant" and "meaningless" in an apparent attempt to soften BJU's image. In the final analysis, Bob Jones III was forced to drop his Rules amidst a flurry of untruths.

As any preacher or educator knows, nothing preaches or teaches principles and precepts to a student as loudly as a preacher's or an educator's example.

Through the years, students who were suspected of violating the Rules were questioned by the Dean of Men and Dean of Women and their staffs at BJU. Others were reportedly expelled for not "turning in" those who violated the interracial dating ban Rules.

Jon Henry at Please Reconcile has done an excellent, nearly exhaustive job of recounting, line-by-line, the many untruths wrapped up in the LKL interview and in the above statement by Bob Jones III.

It's hard to retain credibility when an organization claims to do things based on a vague but important Bible "principle" and "Bible policy".

It is only made worse when his paid Bible scholars on his staff repeatedly change Scriptural passages purporting to support his position.

It gives the impression that the policy preceded assemblage of Scriptural support and undermines the credibility of the staff.

As if it could not get worse, it does when Bob Jones III was asked for a Bible verse supporting his position and Bob Jones III publicly denied ever having tried to do so.

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