Blackberry storm updating email

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* When trying to edit/create a folder, the virtual keyboard did not render to allow the user to enter the names of said folders.

* Intermittently, when streaming a video while doing a handover to 2G on a 3G network the video would stop playing.

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Thank you, Verizon Wireless New software has been approved for the RIM Blackberry Storm (9530), and willbe available effective 10/25/2009 at 7 PM PST for customers.

* The delete prior function has the unwanted side-effect of triggering the compose email screen.

* The user cannot configure their profile settings to increase the number of alerts when being notified of an event such as incoming SMS or email.

* If you paused a video recording and then resumed, the icon state may not have reflected the current recording state.

* After recoding a video of a certain size (7M) the saved video may be corrupted and unplayable.

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