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Bangalore naughty dating

In recent years, these attributes have propelled Bangalore to the forefront of the high-tech industry boom in India, and it currently ranks as India's most developed city and one of the world's fastest growing urban areas.The name Bangalore appears to come from an Anglicisation of the native name "Bengaluru" - an adaptation of the earlier name in Kannada: Benda Kaalu Uru (The Town of Boiled Beans).Apparently this rather humble name was bequeathed to the city by King Vira Ballala.Once while lost in the area, he was offered boiled beans by an old woman, and it was out of gratitude that he named the area after this simple offering.

In terms of cleanliness, Bangalore ranks 12th in India.[68] Once called the "Garden City of India" and the "Pensioner's Paradise", these epithets no longer apply to Bangalore, which is now a large, cosmopolitan city with diminishing green spaces and a large working population.

During the next three centuries, Bangalore existed very much in the shadow of its neighboring city Mysore, and control of the town changed hands many times.

The year 1831 marked a major turning point for the city.

This story is questionable however and a more authentic source is the earliest reference to the name "Bengalūru", which was found in a ninth-century Western Ganga Dynasty stone inscription on a "vīra gallu" (ವೀರಗಲ್ಲು) (literally, "hero stone", a rock edict extolling the virtues of a warrior).

In this inscription found in Begur, "Bengalūrū" is referred to as a place in which a battle was fought in 890 CE.

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