American dating a frenchman

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American dating a frenchman

It takes a Frenchwoman — born during World War II — to cut through all this and have the courage to speak plainly.Deneuve, 74, and her fellow signatories argue in a letter: ‘Rape is a crime.For example, another friend who runs a company in London says he’ll think twice about employing women again after a case of sexual harassment was brought against his firm.The woman had been sacked for incompetency but pressed charges — playing the victim.A world where men are too worried about the consequences to be charming or chivalrous?A social scene where dinner parties are even duller than usual because everyone is too scared to flirt?French writer and philosopher Simone Weil began a tradition when she was harassed.She poured a jug of water over the perpetrator’s head, a custom Frenchwomen have followed ever since.‘We tell them to stop,’ says my friend Claudine, looking at me as if I were an idiot, when I asked what she would do.

On the contrary, they feel empowered and sexy through being flirted with.‘Flirt with them, talk to them, open doors for them,’ his French boss urged. Where a flirtatious comment can land you in court, or a misplaced hand can mean the end of your career.Who do these feminists think they’re helping with their militancy? Not only will we not have doors opened for us, but we risk being put at a disadvantage in the workplace.This has turned into a witch-hunt on a ludicrous scale.Every man I know could be hauled up for some ‘crime’ in this brave new world of liberated women. In a society where men are so scared of being vilified as sexual predators that they hardly dare be themselves?

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But insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression.’They go on to condemn the fact that men worldwide have been forced to resign from their jobs for something as innocuous as touching a knee.

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