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4u - I have a question for you @TEOTD - At the end of the day 121 - one to one (Private Chat) 182 - I hate you 10Q - Thank you 2MI - Too much information 2M2H - Too much to handle 2MOR - Tomorrow 2EZ - To easy 2G2BT - Too good to be true 2NTE - Tonight AFF - As a matter of fact AAK - Asleep at keyboard AAK - Alive and kicking AAMOF - As a matter of fact AAMOI - As a matter of interest AAP - Always a pleasure AAR - At any rate ABT - About ADN - Any day now AEAP - As early as possible AFC - Away from computer AFAIAA - As far as i am aware AFAIK - As far as i know AFAIUI - As far as i understand it ALOL - Actually laughing out loud LOL - Laughing out loud BBL - Be back later AMAP - As much as possible AOTA - All of the above APP - Appreciate AQAP - As quick as possible ASAP - As soon as possible ASL or A/S/L - Age/Sex/Location ASLA - Age/Sex/Location/Availability ATB - All the best ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing ATSL - Along the same lines AYDY - Are you done yet?

AYEC - At your earliest convenience AYS - Are you serious? B - Back B& - banned B2W - back to work B/F - Boyfriend B4 - before B4N - bye for now BASOR - Breathes a sigh of relief BAU - Business as usual BAY - Back at you BBIAB - Be back in a bit BBIAM - Be back in a minute BBN - Bye bye now BBS - Be back soon BFF - Best friends forever BFD - Big freaking deal BFFN - Best friend for now BG - Big grin BGWM - Be gentle with me BIF - Before I forget BION - Believe it or not BLNT - Better luck next time BM - Bite me BME - Based on my experience BM&Y - Between me and you BOB - Back of buddy BN - Bad news BOL - Best of luck BOLO - be on the look out BOOMS - Bored out of skull BOT - Back on topic BRB - Be right back BRBB - Be right back babe BRNC - Be right back, nature calls BRD - Bored BRH - Be right here BRT - Be right there BSTS - Better safe than sorry BTA - But then again BTDT - Been there done that BTW - By the way BTYCL - Bootycall BWL - Bursting with laughter BYOB - Bring your own beer BYOD - Bring your own drink BYTM - better you than me C&G - Chuckle & Grin CB - Coffee break CID - Consider it done CM - Call me CMB - Call me back CMIIW - Correct me if I’m wrong CMON - Come on CNP - Continued in next post COS - Because C/P - Cross post CSL - Can’t stop laughing CT - Can’t talk CTC - Care to chat CTN - Can’t talk now CTO - Check this out CUA - See you around CUL - See you later M8 - Mate CUMID - See you in my dreams CWOT - Complete waste of time CWYL - Chat with you later CUA - See you around CUL - See you later M8 - Mate CUMID - See you in my dreams CWOT - Complete waste of time CWYL - Chat with you later CYE - Check your email CYO - See you online DBEYR - Don’t believe everything you read DF - Don’t even go there DGAF - Don’t give a F**K DGA - Don’t go anywhere DGT - Don’t go there DIKU - Do I know you?

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