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I've had more than my share of "non-functioning" first dates! That's because they're only at the beginning of an amazing journey and are still acquiring basic Jewish knowledge, developing a worldview, and discovering the direction in which they'd like to grow spiritually.

They need to know themselves a bit better before they can decide exactly what they're looking for in a marriage partner." If you've been through an orthodox conversion 2 years before, you should have all of those questions answered as best as they can at this moment in time.

Let’s just say I did not feel well and hated the way I looked that day.

God's will for Rachel may be strictly a spiritual one, given the amount of time spent in studies and contemplation for some time, will greatly benefit and can be used by God for his purposes for the help of the Jewish people.

You read constantly that Jewish men are marrying non Jews, so if that was her goal, she would of had a better chance as a non Jew.

Transitioning into marriage has been very smooth and my husband and I have a loving relationship.

However, my wedding day was an absolute disaster and it is continuing to haunt me to this day.

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Rabbi Moshe Feinstein does consider the possibility of an exception where agony or financial loss is involved.

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