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Afghanistan dating customs

It is located in a wide basin on the road linking India with Central Asia. There are no reliable census figures, but in 1997, the population was estimated to be 23,738,000.The great majority of people are rural (80 percent).The national currency (the Afghani) is printed in two separate locations, with a locally varying exchange rate..) and the Muslim Ghaznavid and Ghurid dynasties (tenth to the twelfth centuries).During the nineteenth century, Afghanistan struggled successfully against the colonial powers and served as a buffer state between Russia and British India.

Within a few months the country was rebelling, and in 1979 the Soviet Union intervened militarily.The Persian spoken by the Tajiks, Hazaras, and Aymaks is not very different from the Persian of Iran.Pashto, which is divided into two major dialects, is also spoken in large areas of Pakistan.Persian-speaking (Tajiks, Hazaras, and Aymaqs) and Turkic-speaking (Uzbeks and Turkmens) populations have been incorporated in the state.Since the Communist coup of 1978 and the ensuing civil war, those groups have sought for greater political recognition, but the existence of the state has not been seriously questioned.

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The population of Kabul peaked at more than one million in the 1980s but dropped after the fall of the Communist regime in 1992.

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